Synnefo Smart Space

Together we will convert your traditional network into a much smart one with tightend security.

Open Source Software

As a group of FOSS enthusiasts, we ensure the tools we are implimenting are 100% open source. No secret code to steel your data

Assuered Security

As everything we impliment is Open Source, we have nothing to hide. And community driven softwares will get fixes fast. That assueres your security.

24 X 7 Support

It is a great responsibility to keep your business up and running all day. we will be available even at midnight to help you resolve the problems you face .

Satistified Clients

As we know, all that lasts is our satisfaction. That is what making us to invest our time deliver what you need, not what we already have.

Trouble-Free implimentation

All fields of our job aim that not even a single running service get interepted while integrating our system into the available enterprise.

Free Updates

Updates are pivotal to stay secure. We will make sure every single client of ours is getting all the latest updates for absolutely free. Synnefo got you covered.

Synnefo HR Solutions
" If opportunity doesnt Knock build a door "